‘Adil Khan Durrani beat up Rakhi Sawant the day our mother died’: Brother | Bollywood

Actor Rakhi Sawant, on Tuesday evening, said that her estranged husband Adil Khan Durrani asked her to ‘patch up’ with him after he was detained by the Mumbai Police. Speaking to the media, Rakhi’s brother Rakesh Sawant has said that his brother-in-law beat up his sister the day their mother Jaya Bheda died. (Also Read | Rakhi Sawant’s husband Adil Khan Durrani arrested after her police complaint amid affair allegations)

Speaking with the paparazzi hours after Adil was detained, Rakhi said, “Enquiry is going on. His phone and statement are with the police. Mujhe andar Adil keh raha hai ki, ‘Mere saath patch up karle (Adil is telling me inside, ‘Patchup with me’). Haath paer jod raha hai. Lekin main maaf nahi karungi (He is folding hands too. But I won’t forgive him).”

In another video, Rakesh said, “He (Adil) beat her (Rakhi) up very badly the day our mother died. When we were talking about mom at night, he said there is nothing like that. He beat her up. All of us were very angry including our uncles and aunts. We requested Rakhi to go to Cooper. We took her there and all her medical tests were done. The number of scars on her body, you will start crying on seeing the black marks. I spoke to him the day he raised his hands, my uncle did, and also the rest of the family.”

“Bohut hi badtameeze se baat ki thi usne ki ‘humara personal mamla hai’ (He spoke very rudely). He said, ‘It is personal’. It’s not personal that he raised his hands on the daughter of the house. He behaved like an animal. Today morning when he came to beat her, the sections imposed on him of stealing, beating up, dowry..,” he added.

“He took her money and it’s stuck in Dubai now, he took money from properties, which I had asked him not to do. I got a call from Adil from Dubai. I said if you want to take do it, do it with your money, why are you taking Rakhi’s money? If you want to take property in Dubai, you are her husband, take it with your money,” Rakesh concluded.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday morning, Rakhi said, “Abhi bhi subah aaya tha mujhe maarne ghar pe. Maine ghar se phone kiya turant police. Haton se khana khilane se patch up nahi hota. Meri ma wapaas nahi ayegi (He came in the morning to beat me up. I immediately called the police. Only because I fed him doesn’t mean I patched up with him. My mom won’t come back).”

Reportedly, Adil was arrested and taken to the Oshiwara police station after Rakhi filed an FIR against him under IPC Sec 406 and 420. Rakhi, last month, revealed that she had married Adil in 2022.

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