Bentong MP calls out netizen’s vulgar comment on picture of her surveying flooded area in rain coat

THE CRUEL reality of being a woman at most times, is not only experiencing sexual harassment in real life but online as well where anonymity is guaranteed.

DAP Deputy Youth Chief Young Syefura Othman, also popularly known as Rara, recently called out a netizen’s sexually-charged comment left under a latest picture posted on her Facebook, surveying a flooded area in Bentong, Pahang, wearing a rain coat over her formal attire.

In her Facebook post, she was visiting an area at the old Kuala Lumpur-Bentong road affected by flash floods with KETSA Deputy Minister Datuk Seri Huang Tiong Sii.

While she received praise under her post for her efforts in rectifying the issue, a netizen had left a rather obscene comment, disrupting the flow of other comments commending her efforts.

While the comment is now deleted, it had been screenshotted by another netizen who posted it on Twitter which caught the Bentong MP’s attention who also shared the post on her Twitter platform.

“I still got this vulgar comment wearing this,” she said in her post.

The now deleted comment was sexual in nature, detailing on how he wanted to defile her due to her outfit worn in the picture posted on Facebook, albeit a modest one that aroused the netizen, which goes to show that clothing does not matter in the topic of sexual harassment.

Netizens were not too pleased with the comment and was harshly condemned.

“Moral of the story is no matter how modest a woman’s outfit is, it is no use when the men themselves cannot control their urges. The blame does not lie in the woman’s attire but in the man who acts on his lust,” a netizen said.

“That is why to me, victims of rape and sexual harassment are never wrong in my eyes. No matter how much one covers up, these things can still happen to them,” a netizen pointed out.

“I feel you! I was sexually harassed wearing this kind of outfit,” a netizen commented.

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