Family warns against consuming pork products after buying ‘cancerous’ pus-filled meat

A CHINESE family in Penang had bought one whole roasted pork for a religious ceremony but did not get to eat it, for they noticed the meat’s stench filled with pus.

The family member recently shared her cautionary tale anonymously, warning others to steer clear of pork meat products for the time being due to her experience of discovering an atrocious batch of pork.

She shared her post on Chinese social media Xiao Hong Shu, but it has been deleted however, her post went viral since then and has been circulating online.

The woman said that she was aware of the swine fever inflicting Penang at the time but had not expected some pork vendors selling pigs riddled with the disease.

“Many people are looking for whole roasted pork for prayer ceremonies recently, and I can’t believe some vendors are selling pigs that are ill,” she said in her post.

After the religious ceremony, as her family was carving into the whole roasted pork, they sensed that something was off with the meat.

“We noticed a lot of thick pus on the meat, and they smelled really bad,” she added.

She mentioned that her family also noticed how the rest of the meat was not properly cooked, leaving it still raw.

Since that incident, she inquired from other pork vendors about the meat’s condition and they confirmed that the thick pus present in the pork meat was a sign of cancerous pork.

She then demanded compensation from the vendor she ordered the roasted pork but they denied her request and instead was offered to replace the bad batch with a new one for the upcoming Ching Ming festival.

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