Fans Brace for impact: JoJoLands, the 9th part of the franchise is almost here

The excitement is palpable for fans of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure as the highly-anticipated JoJoLands, the ninth part of the franchise is set to be released this week. Fans are eager to experience the monthly serialization of a brand-new part for the first time, with some even speculating that this may be the final chapter. Although there has been no official confirmation about the plot, here are some popular speculations made by fans:

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Stands remain the power system in JoJoLands

Despite being speculative, fans are certain that Stands will once again be the main power system in the upcoming JoJoLands. This is not surprising, given that both part 7, Steel Ball Run, and part 8, JoJolion, also heavily featured Stands and their abilities.

The spin will play a role

The Spin, a significant element in both part 7 and part 8, is expected to be incorporated into JoJoLands in some way. It may include Stand ability or the characters will fight exclusively with the Spin.

The setting is subtropical

Teased in a previous issue of Shueisha’s Ultra Jump magazine, the setting for JoJoLands will be the subtropical islands, as confirmed by the accompanying illustrations. The preview also teased that the story will revolve around “a boy who comes into great wealth.”

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The protagonist is a Giorno Alternate

It is strongly believed by fans that the protagonist for the upcoming part is an alternate version of Giorno Giovanna, who was the protagonist of part 5. This theory is supported by the character design preview for part 9’s protagonist, which shares some similarities with Dio.

The protagonist is related to Joseph Joestar

According to Hirohiko Araki, the protagonist of JoJoLands will be a descendant of Joseph Joestar from the new universe.

A throwback to the original universe

With JoJoLands rumoured to be the final part of the series, fans hope for a link back to the original universe. Although the reintroduction of Jolyne Cujoh was previously speculated, it has been debunked. Nonetheless, fans still expect Araki to tie the two universes together in some way.

A JoBro will be introduced

Every JoJo-verse protagonist had their own sidekick or JoBro. This will likely be the same for JoJoLands, who will likely become a beloved character.

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