Female influencer justifies PA’s salary of RM2,200 after netizens’ criticism

A SOCIAL MEDIA influencer has been scrutinised for her personal assistant’s (PA) salary being below the minimum wage, despite her lavish lifestyle.

TikTok content creator and businesswoman Shaniena Natasya had uploaded a TikTok video recently of her monthly expenditure, inclusive of her employee’s income.

In the video, Shaniena shared on how she spends exorbitantly on herself stating that she would spend “at least RM13k” on food alone (inclusive of her staffs’ meals also) , RM50,000 on retail therapy, RM600 on shisha, RM200 to ‘top-up’ her Evian mineral water.

She then said her personal assistant’s income was RM2,200 per month and netizens dropped accusations of her underpaying her employee.

“The t-shirt you bought is RM3k but the salary for your PA is only RM2.2k,” a netizen pointed out.

“Your PA only gets RM2,200 only? I was a Dato’s PA and I was paid RM5,000 monthly,” another netizen said.

The influencer then made a follow up video to explain her personal assistant’s salary structure after the backlash received.

She clarified that she pays for a lot of other things for her personal assistant besides her salary. She financially covers for her food, living arrangements and rewards her with lavish shopping sprees often.

“The RM2.2k salary is just the basic. My PA only helps to record. Food, drinks and accommodation are all paid for by me. My PA knows how I treat them so let them judge,” she wrote in the caption.

In the video, Shaniena also shared how her personal assistant was happy and content working for her saying how grateful she is for being treated very well by her.

The entreprenuer added in the video that she rewards the PA with expensive items as a reward for her hardwork and dedication.

At the time of writing, both videos have been deleted already.

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