Former Miss Universe Malaysia harassed by stalker

FORMER Miss Universe Malaysia Francisca Luhong James (pix) recently encountered the same man who harassed her a year ago once more.

Francisca shared her harrowing experience on her Instagram account to recount the details of her encounter.

She said that she was harassed by the same man the year before around when Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) took place, while she was waiting for her friends at the Westin Hotel lobby before heading to Pavillion Shopping Mall for the fashion event.

“I have never shared this (my story) in public, but I think I should now because this is not the first time. What scares me is that if he is a stalker,” she said in her Instagram post.

She talked about her experience last year when she came across her stalker, who approached her at the Westin Hotel and asked her invasive questions while trying to make direct eye contact.

“While I was waiting, there was this man who was dressed like a preacher, who approached me and asked if I was alone; what do I do, where am I from, while trying to look me directly in the eyes. I felt something was off as he kept on trying to talk to me, I was trying to avoid him.

“But he somehow knew I was alone, so he kept harassing me and asked me if I wanted to have coffee with him or have a chat with him in his hotel room. And it freaked me out so I said no nicely and asked him to leave me alone. But, he didn’t,” she recalled.

Francisca then rushed out of the hotel premises and headed to Pavillion on her own, thinking the man would not pursue her. Unfortunately for her, he did do so as she turned around to check her surroundings.

She added that he tried to chase after her and apparently had the ‘audacity’ to ask if she still wanted to spend time with him. As she reached the KLFW venue, she reached out to the first person there and the harasser left soon after that.

Almost a year later, on Jan 17 2023, she saw him again waiting at the Four Seasons hotel lobby as she was about to leave the premises.

“Today, 17 January 2023, I was at the Four Seasons Hotel. As I came out from the lift, I was on my phone while heading towards the lobby as I was about to order my Grab but as I just sat on the lobby sofa, I looked in front of me and I saw him again.

“The same person, the same outfit, (with) just a differently coloured cloth on his shoulder. Worst part was I saw him putting something on his neck! Like oil or something,” she said.

Fearing her safety, the beauty queen then quickly headed to a Starbucks outlet in the hotel and contacted a friend of hers who knew the Four Seasons’ director of security.

As she dashed into the coffee chain outlet, she quickly let a cashier know of her situation and the cashier pointed out to her that he had also entered Starbucks. Francisca was told to sit at the cashier’s side but the harasser picked up what was going on and sat close to her.

“But then, of course, he stood up and decided to come towards the cashier’s side and sat right across from me. So, I put my phone up and avoided direct eye contact but he kept looking at me.

“Not long after, the director of security came and this lunatic left straight away. They tried to chase him but he left the premises really fast,” she shared in her post.

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