Here’s how Swara Bhasker met Fahad Ahmad at a rally, fell in love | Bollywood

Swara Bhasker registered her marriage with Samajwadi Party leader Fahad Ahmad on Thursday, and revealed their love story later in the day. She shared how they often met at various protests sites and shared ideologies of questioning the status quo, before falling for each other. (Also read: Kangana wishes Swara on her engagement, fans call it her first ‘positive’ tweet)

Swara shared a video that encapsulates their love story. The video that Swara and Fahad shared on social media, opens with old videos, pictures and social media posts playing on an old TV. With a message saying “this could be love”, the video introduces Fahad as “political activist” and Swara as a “actor, Twitter pest”. We then get to see a few videos from various protests sites where both Fahad and Swara were present. We also see a message saying, “Obviously, it began at a protest.”

The video soon shows us glimpses into the daily lives of Swara and Fahad, detailing how their friendship grew from sharing ideologies, to moving to the inner family circle. In one message, Fahad invited her to his sister’s wedding. Swara could not attend it due to prior shoot commitments, but she promised to attend his wedding.

The video also introduces us to Ghalib, a cat that “brought” them together. Then, we get to see that they applied for their marriage registration under Special Marriage Act in January and eventually got married this week. Swara shared the video with the caption: “Sometimes you search far & wide for something that was right next to you all along. We were looking for love, but we found friendship first. And then we found each other! Welcome to my heart @FahadZirarAhmad It’s chaotic but it’s yours! “

On Thursday, Swara and Fahad got their marriage registered. The rituals and wedding celebrations will be held in March. Fahad posted a picture from the marriage registration and wrote on Twitter, “When u realised it’s finally done Thank you everyone for the love & support. The process was anxious but the result can be read from our faces. P.S-when I failed to stop @ReallySwara from dancing in court, I joined her, I feel that’s only secret for happy marriage.”

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