KL Middle Eastern restaurant overcharged customer RM98 instead of correct total RM29

CASHLESS TRANSACTIONS are increasing in popularity and implemented in most places due to its convenience and efficiency however we must be a lot more vigilant using this method to avoid being overcharged.

A Middle Eastern restaurant had overcharged a customer RM98 instead of the correct amount of RM29 recently.

The woman who was almost overcharged is now warning others to pay attention to the amount being charged before tapping one’s debit or credit card, especially at the eatery she went to in Kuala Lumpur.

She shared her experience on the Travel Jimat Twitter page where she said to be careful when paying for their food at the popular middle eastern eatery and to look out for one of their cashiers handling the till.

“Those of you who want to come here, please be careful when paying for your food and look out for the cashier with a middle parting in his hair.

“Whoever is paying using their (debit or credit) card, please watch what he is doing carefully and ask him to scan your card on the table because just now when I scanned my card, thankfully I noticed that he charged me RM98 instead of the actual amount of RM29.

“After I confronted the cashier, his reaction was strange to me, like almost as if he was taken aback like alamak kantoi (got caught),” she said in the video.

She said that the cashier then returned the appropriate amount of change after being overcharged RM98.

The anonymous woman then urged consumers further to check the total charged before going ahead with the transaction and double confirm with the cashier as well.

“Make sure to double check the how much you are supposed to pay, and confirm with the cashier properly how much is the total and be sure to get a receipt,” she added.

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