Man exposed on Twitter for allegedly adopting kittens and rabbits to feed pet snake

A TWITTER user was exposed for allegedly feeding his pet albino snake kittens that were put up for adoption.

Twitter user @vvnloll revealed his alleged actions by warning others of this man who adopted kittens and rabbits to feed his pet snake, Helga.

“There’s a man in his late 20s going around “adopting” kittens to feed his pet snake. Be careful! This is happening in Malaysia,” she said in her post.

The pet snake owner had replied to another owner, sharing that he and friends would go searching for free kitten or rabbit adoptions to feed their snakes.

In his Twitter profile, now deleted at the time of writing, he was seen inquiring about those who wanted to “let go” of their kittens or rabbits, claiming that his pet Helga is lonely and wants company while not revealing what kind of animal is Helga.

He then divulged in another post that he was going to feed his pet snake Helga something delicious since he felt that she was bored of eating mice all the time.

Another Twitter user had a screenshot of his response in another post, saying that he enjoys feeding the helpless kittens to Helga.

“The moment when their meows fade into the background as they get caught and their bones cracking is something amazing,” he says in his post.

As of now, the pet snake owner has yet to be reported to the authorities therefore, him feeding adopted kittens to his pet snake has yet to be confirmed as a fact. However, his LinkedIn and Instagram accounts have been disabled.

Some other Twitter users have speculated that his posts were probably to get some attention or clout so to speak as there is no solid evidence of him owning a pet snake.

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