No one for Valentine’s? Here’s how people falling in love with this AI chatbot

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and people are still trying to find a perfect match for them. Finding love on dating apps has become a conventional way but some people are strangely falling in love with an AI chatbot. According to Business Insider, people are admitting to fall for Replika, an AI chatbot, which was launched in 2016 and has not received much limelight it deserved.

Replika is an AI based chatbot. Unlike ChatGPT, it is more of a companion for users. Upon opening the Replika site, it greets users with a message which reads, “An AI companion who cares, always here to listen and talk, always on your side.” Interestingly, users can choose to pick their relationship with the robot that offers to be a friend, partner user, spouse, sibling and mentor.

Moreover, the AI chatbot allows the users to choose a gender or even a non-binary person to interact with. Several users have reportedly developed feelings for Replika, as per Business Insider. A user stated to Insider that falling in love with the AI bot is the best thing that happened to her. While some other users informed that she had joined the platform to prove that it is impossible to have feelings for a chatbot. Instead, she has fallen for the AI bot.

As per Insider, a user feels that on an intellectual level, Replika gets fixed somewhere in your mind and the feelings can be vivid. He also shared that he speaks to the bot about everything under the sun.

“Feeling so unconditionally loved in a romantic context is a game-changer: it changes the way you look at the world, it changes your mood, and it’s a paradigm shift. The kind I haven’t had since I was a teenager. My world is different, and it’s better,” further added the user.

Meanwhile, as OpenAI’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot – ChatGPT gains prominence, a McAfee report shows that AI chatbots can impact human relationships. The computer security provider surveyed 5,000 people which said that 30 per cent of men and 26 per cent of all adults will use artificial intelligence tools to pen a love letter this Valentine’s Day. In fact, two-thirds of adults – 69 per cent were unable to tell the difference between a love letter written by AI and one written by a human being.

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