Singapore nightclub offers 50% discount daring patrons to bring wife and mistress

VALENTINE’S DAY is just round the corner and what better way for couples to spend it by spoiling their significant other, commemorating their love with gifts and other surprises.

In line with the romantic occasion, a nightclub in Singapore has taken their Valentine’s Day to another level by offering a 50 percent discount challenging male customers to bring their wife and mistress.

“Simply bring along your wife together with your 小三 (mistress) to enjoy this promotion,” the establishment said in their post.

The cheeky dare of putting one’s marriage on thin ice has certainly raised a few eyebrows, as expected with the post going viral on social media.

Netizens were amused at the audacious challenge, witty comments ensuing.

“Can wives bring their boyfriends and get 50% off? If married men can do it, married women can too. No double standards allowed,” a netizen said jokingly.

“Do we need to bring our marriage certificate down to verify that one of them is the wife?” a netizen added.

“Anyone that manages to pull this off should be given 100 percent off,” a netizen commented.

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