The new vivo X90 Pro takes it to the next level

HOW close are we to finally bridging the gap between smartphone cameras and standard full-frame cameras? vivo is taking one giant leap forward with its newly launched flagship X90 Series, and the crown jewel is the vivo X90 Pro, which is set to appeal to professional photographers and those looking to take their photo and video experiences to the next level.

In terms of hardware, the vivo X90 Pro boasts a 50MP ZEISS 1-inch Main Camera, 50MP Portrait Camera with a Large Sensor and a 12MP Wide-Angle Camera, as well as a 32MP front camera. The main camera on the vivo X90 Pro uses a 1-inch IMX989 sensor, the industry’s largest to date.

The device’s increased light intake capacity also allows for purer, bright night images, and colours are rich and vivid thanks to ZEISS Natural Color 2.0, which are all displayed brilliantly on its 6.78-inch Ultra Vision Eye Protection Screen, which also offers some protection from blue light to ensure viewing comfort.

Under the hood, the vivo X90 Pro features powerful performance capabilities, thanks to its dual-chip setup of the MediaTek Dimensity 9200 and vivo V2 Chip. Whether you are gaming, streaming videos or catching up with work, the device doesn’t lag or slow down.

To ensure that you never lose time, the vivo X90 Pro also comes with fast-charging, allowing its large 4870mAh battery to be charged up to 50% in 8 minutes and 10 seconds.

In the two weeks I have had the device, the vivo X90 Pro has proven to be an amazing phone companion. I found myself taking even more photographs than usual, and the clarity of those resulting images truly did make me feel as though I were one step closer to being a professional myself.

The device came with all the standard modes, from Bokeh to Miniature, but the difference lay in how well those turned out. Daylight shots were obviously the best, and the phone fulfilled its promise of bringing out bright colours, with superb clarity.

I also enjoyed trying out the various camera modes, and was very impressed with how clear and bright night scenes turned out, with minimal noise. I was especially taken with one particular feature, the Supermoon mode, with finally allowed me to capture clear images of the moon, with all its glorious surface details on display.

As for the front facing camera, selfies turned out to be fun experience, especially with the various filters that came with the phone.

When it came to performance, the device performed as expected, and the FunTouch OS (based on Android 13) ran very well. My biggest complaint would be the amount of bloatware that it was loaded with, and at the beginning it was a chore to sift through to locate my own ported apps.

In the hand, the vivo X90 Pro feels luxe, in large part due to its textured vegan leather back and metallic accents. However, due to the massive camera array, the phone is also quite heavy at 214g, which may bother some users more used to lighter devices.

The camera display at the back also sticks out rather prominently, and while I used the simple clear case that came with the phone, more careful users might feel compelled to splurge on a proper case cover in order to ensure the lenses are adequately protected.

All the same, if you truly want to take your phone camera skills to the next level, you can hardly do better than the vivo X90 Pro. It truly does live up to its RM4,999 premium price tag, with all bells and whistles you would want in your dream camera phone.

At this time, vivo is also having a promotion for the X90 Series. Those purchasing from the vivo Concept Store will receive exclusive gifts worth up to RM1,300, including a 1+1 year warranty, 1 year screen protection and 1 year battery warranty. In addition, customers will receive a vivo TWS Air worth RM179 for purchasing the vivo X90, and a Joyoung Electric Baking Pan worth RM399 for purchasing the vivo X90 Pro.

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