​What your period is trying to tell you about your thyroid

  • If you experience heavy menstrual bleeding, i.e if you need to change your pad or tampon less than 2 hours or pass clots very often it could be due to hypothyroidism i.e. your thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones.

  • If you experience frequent menstrual bleeding or have menstrual periods that last longer, it could be due to hypothyroidism.

  • If you experience premenstrual spotting i.e period stains days before your actual menstrual cycle begins it could be a sign of an underactive thyroid gland i.e hypothyroidism.

  • If you have irregular menstrual cycles or often miss your periods, it could be due to hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism i.e. it could be due to either the thyroid gland is producing too little or too much thyroid hormone.

  • If you do not get your periods at all i.e. the menstrual cycles are absent it could also be due to hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism

  • If you experience very little bleeding during your menstrual cycle or the bleeding is too light and for a shorter duration than the typical cycle, it could be due to hyperthyroidism, i.e. due to an overactive thyroid gland.

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