Woman denied entry to govt hospital over attire

A YOUNG WOMAN was allegedly denied medical treatment at a hospital due to wearing short pants.

The woman’s friend, Chen expressed his discontent for the hospital’s attitude towards his friend’s attire, while waiting for medical treatment and suffering from severe stomach pains during a badminton game.

China Press reported that the 21 year old woman’s stomach pain was so unbearable she was unable to stand up let alone walk therefore she was rushed by Chen and her boyfriend to the emergency ward of the nearest hospital.

When Chen and his friend reached the hospital, he helped fill out some information forms and while doing so, a hospital staff approached him and told him that his friend wearing shorts to the hospital was inappropriate and allegedly demanded that she go back and change into long pants.

Feeling the need to comply, he drove back to her place in desperation and picked out a pair of long pants for his friend to change into and once she donned said pants, only then they were allowed to enter the emergency ward.

The 21 year old was treated for severe menstrual cramps and high blood pressure.

“My friend asked a female medical assistant later on why her clothing was inappropriate to just see the doctor and their reply was ‘This is the rule of the hospital’.

“When my friend continued to ask questions, the staff drove us away, accusing us of being uneducated,” Chen said.

Meanwhile, Perak health committee chairman A. Sivanesan had released a statement pertaining to the incident.

The Star reported that Sivanesan clarified that the young woman’s attire was picked out by a medical officer instead and that she was found to be stable according to the hospital’s staff.

He also mentioned that he was uncertain of any patients’ dress code enforced at the hospital.

“I have also not met with the woman concerned to confirm what she was wearing at the time.

“I am not exactly happy with the response from the hospital,” he said.

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