Woman finds glass shards in drinks purchased from roadside stall

FOOD SAFETY in Malaysia is something that needs to be looked into seriously as the amount of times people have called out dining stalls and establishments for their lack of practicing food hygiene and safety is concerning.

A young mother had recently found glass shards in her and her childrens’ drinks bought from a roadside stall.

The woman known as Syaa Sabri II took to Facebook to warn others to be more vigilant when buying food from roadside stalls.

She recounted in her post that she had purchased some crisps and orange juice at a stall near her childrens’ school. As she was drinking her juice, she wondered why the ice was not melting.

“After I was done with my drink, I noticed that the ice in the cup had not melted and I saw that the ice had weird shapes instead of the typical flat round shape,” she said in her Facebook post.

Syaa then said that the ice she and her children had consumed turned out to be glass shards, after proper inspection, and she realised she had swallowed the glass fragments as she thought it was simply ice.

The poor woman then panicked for her two children since they drank the same thing.

“Oh, my God! This seller was so careless. I am so traumatised from this incident that when I see ice cubes I get so frightened. I now think what about the other children who bought from the same vendor before us?

“I cannot imagine how they must be suffering from possible internal bleeding because of this,” Syaa added.

She then concluded her post by stating that she has brought her children to a doctor’s appointment just in case of any glass shards in their organs.

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