Young boy anonymously slits apology note for vomiting in mosque with RM100 note included

A HOUSE of worship, no matter the religion, must always be kept clean to preserve its holiness however it is normal to have accidents happen every now and then.

A young boy’s note of apology for vomiting in a mosque was found in their donation box attached with a RM100 note.

The Surau Putra Al-Amin Facebook page shared their discovery and was moved by the young boy’s thoughtfulness and pure heart.

“We found this letter in the surau donation box. What a pure-hearted and thoughtful boy. May God grant you good health and we hope to see you and your family again soon,” the page said in their post.

In the letter, the young boy shared that he vomited due to food poisoning on Jan 27 and that he wanted to clean up the mess but he had to get to school and his father’s car was waiting for him, blocking other vehicles in the process.

“My father gave you the money in hopes to ease your burdens cleaning up the mess,” he said in the letter.

He also left his father’s contact number just in case the mosque wanted to reach out to him for further details or inquiries.

The Surau Putra Al-Amin Facebook page also hoped for everyone’s good conduct and attitude to be exemplified by their families and communities.

Many netizens had nothing but praise for the young boy’s good conduct and consideration toward those who cleaned up his accidental mess.

“He is my nephew. He is a good child and I am so proud of what he has done without being influenced by anyone else,” a netizen said.

“Good upbringing. Good education leads to high morality,” a netizen added.

“This child has such good manners. He bravely admitted his mistake and took responsibility for it,” a netizen pointed out.

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