Young lion dancer’s right eye blinded after accidental fireworks explosion

A YOUNG lion dancer had sustained injuries from an accidental bout of lit fireworks during a lion dance performance.

The 18-year-old lion dancer had performed the routine on the ninth day of Chinese New Year at 1am at a series of private homes, carrying the role of the lion’s tail, Sin Chew Daily reported.

When they got to the last home, the young performer lit some fireworks but they exploded unexpectedly, injuring him and he collapsed and was rushed to the nearest hospital at 2am where he received treatment and stitches for his wounds. He was then transferred to another hospital for further treatment.

The dancer’s older sister had visited him and was told by the doctors that his right eye had been badly affected by the incident.

“At Muar Hospital, my younger brother was waiting for surgery after taking the x-rays. At that time, the doctor said that in the worst case, his eyeball would have to be removed and install a prosthetic eye,” the young man’s older sister said.

After the surgery, the dancer’s injured left eye did not have to be taken out, according to the doctor but his right eye had sustained extensive damage, leading to blindness.

The older sister mentioned that her younger brother kept his head held high despite the ordeal.

My younger brother also told me, ‘at least I still have one eye, and I can still see you‘,” she added.

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